Security Analysis

GSE PROTECT takes the same approach in all areas of business. In the first stage, GSE PROTECT holds in-depth discussions with the customer. During this phase we try as early on as possible to gain a subjective overview, understand wishes and stipulations and to anticipate our future scope of activities. By posing targeted questions, GSE PROTECT attempts to pinpoint issues that may not have been considered, outlining the framework for potential cooperation.


First steps in security

Using this preliminary information, GSE PROTECT puts together a team to make a thorough examination of the new working environment, analysing its actual status. On the basis of the results arrived at, further talks are held with the customer, during which GSE PROTECT sets out the details of potential cooperation. The result is a security concept tailored to the customer´s requirements, and plans for measures to be taken.


Building blocks along the way to greater security

1. Actual status analysis 
Identifying vulnerabilities and risks

2. Goal definition
Determination of the protection objective and required safety measures

3. Security advice and planning
Creation of efficient and cost-effective overall concepts