Safety At Work

Diverse requirements are asked of companies to ensure safe operations, particularly with respect to workplace safety. GSE PROTECT specialises in workplace safety, functioning as an external consultant to inspect, appraise, advise and provide long-term support. GSE PROTECT certification functions as insurance for the client.

Our key tasks include inspecting the area around the workplace to see if conditions comply with standard safety requirements. Likewise, GSE PROTECT participates in planning, changes or new installations.

Even if regulations and statutory provisions are quite extensive, GSE PROTECT workplace safety experts will cover the customer´s requirements in every detail. This includes coaching specialists or an exchange of know-how with responsible bodies and associations. After an expert assessment has been made, customers can also make use of regular support services and continuous maintenance of the protective measures jointly initiated.

We did the right thing when we commissioned GSE PROTECT to develop a catalogue of binding work safety measures for us.

Building blocks along the way to greater security

1. Advice on safety at work
External implementation of statutory standards across all industries

2. Supervision of safety at work
Industry-wide service provided by specialists in safety at work

3. Concepts for safety at work
Preparation and updating of company documents on safety at work