Property Protection

GSE PROTECT contributes towards creating a consistently positive overall image of the building, using specially trained staff.

These may be company buildings, public facilities or institutions: The larger the objects are, the more people move in and around them. The safety of these persons and the building has highest priority for GSE PROTECT property protection.

GSE PROTECT ensures that visitors are welcomed and looked after in a friendly manner, visitor flows handled with care and controls made in a discreet manner. Our range of tasks also includes patrols, surveillance of specific zones and monitoring of deliveries and pick-ups.

There is no such thing as 100% security. However, we know that our shopping centre and all its facilities enjoy the best possible services from GSE PROTECT.

Building blocks along the way to greater security

1. Access controls for buildings and facilities
Authorised and unauthorised persons undergo reliable checks

2. Building and grounds surveillance
Permanenter Schutz von Einrichtungen vor Schäden und AngriffenPermanent protection of facilities against damage and attacks

3. Stationary and mobile
Customised deployment of object protection staff and object protection technology, adapted to the character of the object protected