Plant Safety

A branch of GSE PROTECT specialises in providing security for production sites. GSE PROTECT has established a team for this purpose, skilled in the latest technologies and work procedures, dealing with current innovations on an ongoing basis. GSE PROTECT Plant Safety aims to maintain continual production security.

Various programmes were developed for this purpose. One major aspect of the GSE PROTECT Plant Safety programme concentrates on the surveillance of sites and preventive measures against malfunctions. We also focus on providing protection against criminal activities, sabotage and espionage.

GSE PROTECT Plant Safety specialists are skilled in operations and systems, applying sophisticated methods of protection to ensure production is kept going. By cooperating closely with the customer, administrative bodies, authorities and other institutions, we are “up to date” at all times. GSE PROTECT specialises in comprehensive protective services for production facilities. The focus is on production security.

Our trained specialists conduct start-to-finish monitoring of production facilities, including controlling vehicles, suppliers and employees. This allows us to identify hazards and to prevent them by using efficient protective measures. We have a pool of suitably qualified personnel for the diverse demands of Plant Safety.

Thanks to the vigilance and speedy reaction of GSE PROTECT, we managed to complete one of our biggest orders without losses, despite a minor leak.

Building blocks along the way to greater security

1. Managing the movement of persons and vehicles
Direct routes for customers, suppliers and visitors

2. Key management
Safe storage and full documentation of the issuing and whereabouts of keys

3. Opening and closing entries 
Guarantee of unimpeded operations