Event Security

Our guests are pleasantly surprised by the discreet, polite and competent behaviour of GSE PROTECT security personnel.

GSE PROTECT provides advisory and support services to exhibitors and event organisers. During the run-up in the planning phase, GSE PROTECTS helps to make sure all eventualities are covered and corresponding security measures can be organised in a structured way.

GSE PROTECT makes careful preparations to supervise small and large events - also in collaboration with state bodies. The GSE PROTECT specialists are sourced from a pool of event management staff. This system enables the company to provide technology and staff to secure objects and exhibits, and to support guests and visitors with consideration and care.

Whether for security, information, controlling or supervision, GSE PROTECT staff help to make sure that event protagonists, visitors and guests can enjoy smooth-running events.

Building blocks along the way to greater security

1. Admission management and security services
Ensuring safety for the public and event protagonists, including firewatch personnel, in accordance with the Regulation on Places of Assembly (Versammlungsstättenverordnung, VstättVO)

2. Parking management
Valet parking and protection and service for cars in cases of increased parking space demand

3. Cloakroom services
Safe storage of clothing and baggage, custody of non-authorised items