Data Centers

The ability to predict, prevent and effectively counter threats is essential when it comes to data center physical security. 

Whether co-location, single-site or hyper-scale data centers, benefit from our years of experience protecting data centers in Germany. GSE Protect optimizes the efficiency of your physical security, building on your corporate requirements.

Together with our parent company, the ICTS Europe Group, we form a strong network to protect your infrastructure and information. Together we serve over 40 sites in six European countries. 

If you want to talk about security solutions, GSE PROTECT will help you to define a physical security concept.

With GSE Protect we have found the right partner. Trust, reliability and adaptability to the constantly increasing requirements are the most important qualities that our security service provider brings to the table.

Elements on the way to higher safety

1. Perimeter and Building Security
Monitoring the external and internal security of your data center

2. Access Controls
Authentication, authorization and validation of visitors

3. Patrolling and Escorting
Protection of your assets through attention and observance