GSE PROTECT promotes voluntary work

There is a range of opportunities for a social engagement: tutor small children, help seniors citizens with their house chores, give food to the homeless, plant trees, clean the streets or the national parks, volunteer in an animal shelter…

Around 100 of our employees volunteer in their private time in different social projects and organizations. We at the GSE Protect, decided, as part of our appreciation to these employees, who engage themselves and contribute to our society, to initiate a special event, which held once a year together with our worker's committee and management, and distinguish this employees. In this event we hand our employees a certificate with the quote: "It always requires having people who sacrifice their free time and put their personal interests behind the needs of others", along with a voucher for shopping as a gratitude to their contribution.

GSE Protect chains its success and achievement in becoming a well-known medium-sized company in the security sector not only to its business approach and strategy, but also to our social commitment. Sports promotion, participation in the initiative “Tolerantes Brandenburg” or the support of the “Joachim and Anita Stapel Foundation” are just a few examples.

GSE Protect employees volunteer in various institutes and sectors. Among them we have active members of the “German Red Cross”, exercise instructors in sports clubs, community representatives and honorary judges. We even have employees who serve as security partners of the German police and patrol in their neighborhoods.