Benefits of recruitment - jobs for parents

How would this suppose to work? Parents often think about this kind of question, while trying to combine work with family life.

We also take this matter in consideration, and offer our employees a wide range of working positions, which allow them to take care of their beloved and parallel have the time and resources for a decent family life. More than 20 percent of our employees have children under 18 and manage to coordinate between the daily life chores, childcare, hobbies and their shifts or full time work.

In order to make this possible, we offer diversity of positions starting from a full time or part time employment, a shift system employment, to the opportunity to have a flexible work time. The principles that guided us to perform this change in our company, a change which now allows our employees to be more flexible with dividing their time between their private life and work, were first the request from our employees but also a process which was led by our worker's committee and the management in order to improve the working conditions of our employees.

Mr. Marco Wilde: “with the generation of a big variety regarding our employment options, we managed to increase the motivations of our employees and we can already reflect the improvement.” As for the future, we put our focus on enhancement our employment options and of course the working conditions to make it more and more suitable for the families of our employees. Our customers are also well aware of this policy and cooperate with us in our common social responsibility to ensure these principles.