Our mission statement

The mission statement serves the purpose of creating a foundation of trust between management, branch management, works councils and all employees. It adheres to GSE Protect's typical values and business principles that guide our activities.

The basic values credibility, sympathy, commitment are the foundations for all of our actions.


The brand GSE Protect is for us commitment and capital in one.

            Promoting and expanding their strength and market position is an important cornerstone for maintaining and improving economic success.

We give our customers the certainty, that by choosing us as their service provider, they receive a high-quality, innovative and performance-oriented company service provider.

Fulfilling the expectations of our customers, as diverse as they might be, is a matter close to our hearts.

GSE PROTECT stands for a modern, future-oriented and quality-oriented company.

With our technical knowledge, our positive attitude and our consistent commitment, we as company management, play a decisive role in the development of GSE Protect.


We achieve our goals together

We derive our strength from the constructive and respectful cooperation of our management, our branch managers, works councils and all of our employees.

Our actions are characterized by close attention, respect and appreciation of people and the environment.

We share the enthusiasm for the positive interpersonal atmosphere, mutual trust, reliability as well as entrepreneurial thinking and acting at all levels.

We strive for a partnership-based and long-term relationship with our business partners that are characterized by fairness, trust and reliability.

All of our employees are part of the corporate success of GSE Protect.


A company is as good as its employees.

Qualified and committed employees have made the success of the company possible.

Regardless of the company hierarchy, all employees are equal people to us, whose commitment and capabilities we demand and promote.

Our aim is to design working conditions in such a way that they contribute to the personal satisfaction of our employees.

Maintaining the health of our employees is a matter of concern to us.

We maintain communicative and appreciative cooperation with other departments / areas. We work together well and friendly across team boundaries. We support each other.

Agreement between work and family

Our company takes responsibility in all phases of our employee’s live in their various professional, family and personal areas.

With suitable offers and measures GSE Protect creates framework conditions so that the individual balance can succeed well.

We also make it easier for employees to re-enter our company during parental leave by providing opportunities for part-time work.

We offer our employees individual solutions - for example, part-time work, leave of absence, holidays - to tackle difficult life phases.


Leadership unites our strengths to mutual success.

Managers focus on the task and not on themselves.

We achieve our corporate goals together. The basis of our leadership is the corporate strategy with GSE Protect's own values.

• We lead comprehensibly and consistently.

• We create a positive and results-oriented working atmosphere.

• We treat each other respectfully at all times.

• We achieve results by giving our employees orientation through   measurable goals.

• We enable and demand independent and responsible action.

• We name clear tasks, competences and responsibilities.

• We give and expect open and constructive feedback.

• We promote our employees and use their potential.

Ecology and sustainability

Our goal is to work in harmony with nature. We use the resources effectively and use our workforce optimally. We try to waste as little as possible.

We promote and support the awareness of sustainable actions of our employees.

Sustainability activities are taken into account when selecting suppliers and service providers.