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Security analysis

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Property protection

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Plant security

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Safety at work

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Patrol service

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Personal protection

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Event security

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Emergency call centre

Security for businesses

GSE PROTECT is a growth-orientated security service provider. The company's name reflects the three values at the heart of GSE PROTECT, which ensure time and again that the company is a professional and enduring presence in the market. These values clearly sum up what GSE PROTECT strives to be.

Glaubwürdig (Trustworthy) • Sympathisch (Friendly) • Engagiert (Committed)

These core values inform everything we do. Our employees lay the foundations. With their specialist knowledge, positive thinking and excellent attitude, they play a crucial role in the development of the company.

Industry expertise

GSE PROTECT has made a conscious decision to specialise in core competencies:

Optimising the value of the customer is at the forefront of our corporate activity. To do this, GSE PROTECT has to understand what the customer needs before an individual solution can be jointly developed.

GSE PROTECT knows that competence is a prerequisite for good service.