About Us

GSE PROTECT has established firm principles for corporate activities: The basic values Genuine, Sympathetic, Enthusiastic are the basis for all our actions. Our employees form the foundation. Their expertise, positive attitude and consistent dedication means they play a crucial role in the company´s development.



GSE PROTECT pursues a clearly defined system of values.

GSE PROTECT is a growth-oriented security service provider. The company name refers to our values, continually making sure that the company retains its market position, in a professional and sustainable fashion. Overall, our values clearly state what GSE PROTECT wants, what GSE PROTECT can do and what is important to GSE PROTECT in the future.


Extensive consultancy services, detailed planning, precise working procedures and careful execution of the tasks assigned - this is what GSE PROTECT delivers. GSE PROTECT performs these tasks on a daily basis, strengthening the trust clients have in our security services.


Constant and open dialogue with the client and employees create familiarity and continuity, promoting understanding and motivation. This dialogue creates an atmosphere of friendliness and respect. A formula for long-term, successful collaboration.


A flat hierarchy, our own qualification system for employees as well as ongoing external testing and certification make GSE PROTECT a high-performance security service provider. Competence doesn´t happen by itself - it is the result of discipline, consistency, empathy and the self-imposed pursuit of constant development and improvement.


40 years of GSE PROTECT

Facts and Figures


  • 2014: € 28 million
  • 2015: € 37 million
  • 2016: € 40 million                                                                                      


  • 1.577
  • including trainees (specialist for protection and security, assistant for office management) and students of business administration, technical college (dual studies)

Vehicle fleet

  • 71 vehicles